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The guide and binder will be on the desk inside the front door when you arrive. It will cover loads of things to do, important numbers, directions, maps (on land and in the sea), restaurants, etc,  in addition to the few items below.

For world class diving and snorkeling adventures in the East End of Grand Cayman, visit Ocean Frontiers , they are located less than 1 mile from Windward Cove. Our personal favorite dive operation after 30 years of diving around the world.

Whether taking a trip with Ocean Frontiers, White Sand Watersports, Tortuga Divers or simply heading into the ocean anywhere around the East End, this part of the island provides some of the most vibrant snorkeling experiences in Grand Cayman. Check out the sand holes and coral heads that populate the waters in back of Windward Cove, or venture beyond into the many other snorkeling areas that remain largely undiscovered by the majority of people that come to this island.There are plenty of places to explore just beyond our area as well. In additition, everybody wants to see Stingray City at least once if they've never been, and many go on every visit. We also have a snorkeling map of our favorite places here at Windward Cove and the rest of the island for our guests. You can rent snorkel gear for a daily/weekly fee from Ocean Frontiers or Red Sail Sports

If you find yourself longing for a larger, more diverse crowd than the one you brought with you, head down to the Rum Point Club in Cayman Kai. A bit over 10 miles away, Rum Point attracts locals and tourists alike. The beach is a somewhat larger version of Windward Cove with casuarina trees, and a large shallow area for fun in the water. Services there include a beach bar and grill, bathroom & showers, activity rental (sailboats, kayaks, jet skis, sting ray city trips, and more). Once again, we highly recommend one or more trips to Rum Point, followed by a return to your very own private version on the East End.  

There are 2 single seat kayaks at Windward Cove for your use.

The Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park is one of the few places in Cayman where the native dry forest can be appreciated and viewed in comfort. Visit the lake, the blue iguana habitat, and experience the wonderful colors Cayman has to offer.

Event Calendar

Mastic Trail

In the sunny Cayman Islands - at the REEF RESORT every Thursday.... call 1.345.947.0100 to make your reservations - for a Barefoot Evening at the REEF RESORT and an update on performance nights. Fine dining and island music with The Barefoot Man.

Turtle Farm

Pedro St. James National Historic Site Built in 1780, the greathouse is Cayman's oldest stone structure and the only remaining late-18th-century residence on the island. The buildings are surrounded by 8 acres of natural parks and woodlands. You can stroll through landscaping of native Caymanian flora and experience one of the most spectacular views on the island from atop the dramatic Great Pedro Bluff. Don't miss the impressive multimedia theater show complete with smoking pots, misting rains, and two film screens where the story of Pedro's Castle is presented. The show plays on the hour; see it before you tour the site.

Cayman Kayaks offers eco-adventure kayaking tours in the pristine waters of the North Sound, the largest reef-fringed lagoon of the Cayman Islands. Escape the crowds of Seven Mile Beach and discover the tropical island atmosphere of Cayman Kai.  Kayak, swim, enjoy a meal at Kaibo.
Explore the mangroves, bays and beaches of Grand Cayman on a stable and safe sit-on-top kayak.
Kayaking is for everyone - No experience is necessary

White Sand Watersports glass bottom bio-luminescence kayak tour.
Experience Caymans unique glowing Bioluminescent Bay situated just north of Star Fish Point.  These still, nutrient dense waters, may appear as a standard bay during the day light hours. But come night fall, you can expect to witness the rare bioluminescent plankton dinoflagellate which emit light. We leave from Star Fish Point (just past Kaibo yacht Club) around sunset time, for a 20 – 25 minutes moderate paddle to Bio Bay.  Once entering Bio Bay you’ll see the water go from a sparkle to a glow, with a few extremely bight clusters of bioluminescence.  The vibrant light is clearly visible under our double seated Glass Bottom Kayaks, and truly enhances the experience. We spend anywhere from 25-40 minuets in the bay Combine these incredible glowing waters with an informative tour guide and regular clear sky’s providing a canopy of stars and planets, resulting in a surreal night for all ages, family and friends so what is not to love ? Book now for the only glass bottom kayak tour to Bio Bay in Grand Cayman.  Contact White Sand Water Sports to reserve a spots and experience one of the most unique exciting tours on island.